SF BarKast

Mission Bar, Mission Street, between 23rd & 22nd



This week, Andrew & Jeff are on a mission, at Mission Bar, on Mission street, in the Mission. Got it?  Also, we’re joined by comedian extraordinaire, Anna Seregina, who reflects upon her impending move to Los Angeles.  And yes, we have strong opinions on people wearing Google Glass being accosted in punk bars.
Also, we’ve intercepted communications from the Film Academy and Price Waterhouse and we reveal all of Sunday’s Oscar winners to help you dominate your Oscar pool.

Song Breaks:

  • "E=mc2" - Big Audion Dynamite
  • "Jonathan Fisk" - Spoon
  • "Rock Music" - the Pixies
  • "White Night" -the Postelles
  • "Bones" - Film School
  • "Everything is Embarrassing" - Sky Ferreira